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Let me set the record straight. I do not have HIV/AIDS. I will not be returning to Boyah. Thanks for the following sociopaths to help me make this decision, thank you very much: shinoboobs me86 zyphet seriouslyautistic.


Yes, Sherlock Holmes will be in Ace Attorney

and his Watson will be a loli.

Thanks Japan.

HIV Test Paranoia

I’m dreading the results of my HIV test despite not doing anything particularly risky in the last twelve months except for one instance of barebacking with a guy who last tested negative two weeks ago. I guess no news is good news. I just want to start PrEP, goddamn it!



FKA twigs


Finally Getting on PrEP

I went to the Infectious Disease specialist in my area to inquire about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, better known as PrEP, yesterday morning. I explained that I intended to use it in addition to condoms. He had an anecdote about a severe case of anal herpes seen in one of his patients as he was explaining that PrEP doesn’t prevent other STIs. He did a fourth-generation antibody/antigen test, as I had a recent potential exposure, and a kidney/liver function test. If everything’s good, I should be on PrEP next week!